The Griphouse - MMA Gym, Glasgow

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The Griphouse
Top Floor, 10 Possil Road, G4 9SY
Tel: 07710 769 490

Beginners : Welcome and Information

It can be a bit daunting heading for the top fight gym in Scotland, so always remember, like you, all our coaches, our world champs, our pro fighters were all beginners too. The staff at the Griphouse are laid back and very approachable and happy to answer any questions you may have. Here's a few of the most common enquiries and concerns – feel free to email about anything you feel you need to know to begin your journey.

I've looked at the main timetable but am unsure what classes a beginner should go too?
Beginners welcome at all of these :
  • Monday
    • 10-11am BJJ All Levels
    • 5.15-6pm BJJ Intro
    • 6-7pm Muay Thai Fundamentals
    • 6-7pm BJJ All Levels
    • 8-9pm Muay Thai Fundamentals
  • Tuesday
    • 10-11am BJJ All Levels
    • 6-7pm MMA Fundamentals
    • 7-8pm No Gi BJJ All levels
    • 7-8pm Boxing
    • 8-9pm Muay Thai Fundamentals
  • Wednesday
    • 10-11am BJJ All levels
    • 6-7pm Muay Thai Fundamentals
    • 6-7pm BJJ All levels
    • 8-9pm Boxing
  • Thursday
    • 10-11am No Gi BJJ All levels
    • 11am-Noon No Gi BJJ Rolling
    • 6-7pm Wrestling
    • 8-9pm Muay Thai Fundamentals
  • Friday
    • 10am BJJ All levels
  • Saturday
    • 10-11am BJJ All Levels
    • Noon-1pm Wrestling
    • 1-2pm MMA Fundamentals
  • Sunday
    • 12-2pm Boxing
I'm totally out of shape etc etc...
Relax, you will be encouraged to train at a pace that is sustainable for development, not coerced into having a heart attack. Fitness is sport specific, getting you fit is our job, so if you can make it to the gym, you can make it through a training session.
Why should I train at the Griphouse?
Simple. The quality of the coaching under one roof cannot be equalled anywhere else in Scotland. If you are a total beginner or a pro fighter, you will be coached by the same team, which includes two Bjj black belts, World, European, and Scottish Muay Thai champions, Commonwealth wrestlers, sport science graduates, nutritionists. And the banter is pretty good too.
Can I pay as I go or do I need to be a member?
Check out our Membership information.
How do I set up direct debit?
Cash payment for 1st month so you can begin training immediately. Debit will be set up to come off one month from that date. Form needs bank details, and is available from reception.