The Griphouse - MMA Gym, Glasgow

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The Griphouse
Top Floor, 10 Possil Road, G4 9SY
Tel: 07710 769 490

Personal Training

Everybody has their own reasons for deciding they should do more regular exercise. Health reasons, to lose weight, improve fitness, reduce back pain or improve energy levels are just some of the popular motives. Whatever your objectives, the Personal Training staff at the Griphouse can help you work towards it.

Through personal training you are much more likely to achieve the results you desire, because you will be doing the right blend of exercises, with the right technique and at the right intensity.

One of the unique things about our staff is that as well as being fully qualified fitness professionals we are also competitive martial artist athletes, ensuring that workouts are much more varied and entertaining. Hitting pads with a personal trainer can be fun, but hitting pads with a Muay Thai champion is an experience that will have you wondering why you ever used a treadmill for cardio work.

Paul McVeigh

BSc Sport Sci.(hons), Premier personal trainer

Guy Ramsay

BSc Sport Sci.

Tommy Young

HND Health and Fitness

Areas of speciality

  • free weights
  • cardio
  • plyometrics
  • kettle bells
  • swiss ball
  • sport massage
  • anaerobic conditioning
  • sport specific athlete development
  • nutrition
  • bodyweight management